Rick Warren can Shut down Southwest Radio Church from exposing him

rick warren

“The importance of Dr. Warren and the Purpose Driven Church movement at this time is that he has suddenly decided to utilize mass communications to spread his heresy.  He seems to have chosen radio rather than television, probably because time on TV is more limited, more costly, and more difficult in both time and labor to produce.  How this relates to Southwest Radio Church Ministries is that we, one of his most determined detractors, cannot now say anything negative about him or the Purpose Driven Church on our program.  The reason being that Dr. Warren is contracting with major radio networks, and they would not permit us to say anything negative about one of their best customers.”  Dr. Noah W. Hutchings, President Southwest Radio Church Ministries, http://www.swrc.com, June 2013 Prophetic Observer, page 3.

[Note].  This censorship had already happened to SWRC’s Watchman on the Wall Radio Show in Southern California a few years ago on a Christian radio station in Los Angeles because it was in the same neck of the woods as Warren’s Saddleback Church.  But there is a big difference.  That was only one station in the U.S., not the entire United States.  This means there is an effective blackout from the entire nation hearing the testimonies of any victims of Purpose Driven Churches on radio.  And when have you ever heard a single testimony on Television?  Certainly not on Fox News, as it is a propaganda tool for Rick Warren, since it is owned by Rupert Murdock